Friday, July 25, 2008

Adobo Grill and Pikk's Tavern: Here's the Scoop

Been wondering what's up with Adobo Grill lately? Rumors have been flying around, but I got to spend yesterday morning with Chef Javier Fuentes and GM George Munoz for a sneak peak at the new Adobo Grill downtown (plus, what's up with the north side location.)

Look for the downtown location of this upscale Mexican restaurant to soft launch starting September 4 with a March of Dimes benefit, a VIP opening dinner, and practice lunches. First formal open day is Sept. 10. The Adobo Grill at 86th and Allisonville will close in late-August as most of the furnishings will be heading to the new downtown location.

The downtown build out at 110 E. Washington, just across the street from Fogo de Chao is a flurry of activity as they transform a vacant bank space into a two-level open restaurant with a ceviche bar, an upstairs lounge area, two large private rooms, and several of the small private dining areas popular on the north side. About 80% of the menu will be the same as at the north side location with the new items featuring fresh seafood and the popular tableside gauacamole. Bonus: tequila lockers. (You'll still have to buy your premium hooch from the restaurant, but can keep unfinished, opened bottles in your own private stash. Adobo Grill (owned by Chicago-based DaVinci Restaurant Group) has three additional locations in Chicago.

Meanwhile, the former north side location will become the second location for Pikk's Tavern. Pikk's, a popular gastropub/casual steakhouse in Valparaiso, features dry-aged ribeyes, burgers, and tableside shrimp cocktail with upscale beer, wines, and cocktails. (Former Hot Schotz beer guru Hans has come on board as their new bar manager.) Look for Pikk's to open in late September.

More preview pics at Flickr.


CorrND said...

Awesome info and cool to see those pics.

I pretty much never eat north of Broad Ripple so I can't wait for Adobo downtown!

Gastroholic said...

Tequila Lockers?

Hell yes! I'm in.

Maybe instead of cedar, they will build them out of lime wood.

Javier, you get the lockers put in and I'll come help you build the bar mi amigo!

Have your crew begin the's Neal with an "a"!