Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Ketchup: Joss, Chakaia, and Bastille Day!

Good thing Joss Whedon doesn't come out with new show tunes often or I'd never get a blog post done! (Best. T-Shirt. Ever.) This past weekend ranged from the ridiculous (one classy beer fest patron publicly barfing at L'ex in the middle of service) to the sublime (Ahh, the civilization of incredible white Burgundies at the Conferie du Chevalier des Tastevine Bastille Day party.) Go, Go, Meursault. Still, much excellent fine wine and food was consumed. (Plus, last night we rubbed shoulders at iMOCA with sculptor Chakaia Booker at the opening for her public art exhibition.)

Ate? Lamb brats, pasta, and frest pesto.
Drank? Fresh blueberry lemonade with mint and a lot of vodka.

Any good eats and drinks this weekend?


Kirsten said...

We mostly concentrated on Dr. Horrible, Mug n Bun, and bun from Saigon this weekend. Just comfort.

But yesterday, I pulled together a little drink of pomegranate water (Fresh Market's in-house brand), gin, and lime juice. Fizzy cooling goodness.

Public barfing is the sort of thing that makes me want to bring back the stocks and pillory.

CorrND said...

Public puking....in a very nice restaurant I happen to love.....I apologize on behalf of all the responsible beer drinkers at the Microbrewer's Festival.

Now, more important matters: how did they deal with that?!

braingirl said...

>how did they deal with that?!

Very graciously. It was directly in front of the entrance -- also on Neal's car.