Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Q: Where to eat in Fishers?

A reader writes:

"We are wondering if you have a recommendation for a couple great places to eat and not have to spend a fortune. We need something different and are spoiled foodies, since we came from Chicago. Any recommendations?? We live in Fishers, but would go anywhere nearby to have a great meal!"

Fishers is a bit far afield for me, but I know there must be a few hidden gems up there for foodie residents. Any ideas?


Anne said...

It's not quite fishers, but there are a few really tasty places on the square in Noblesville -Matteo's (one of the best italian restaurants in the indy area in my opinion) and a little place called Asian grill that is right down the street from Matteo's.

i also think Masala Kitchen is in Fishers and while I've never been there, I think they have pretty tasty Indian food.

Anonymous said...

I love Thai Smile 2. It's on the east side of Allisonville, south of 116th.

Biscuitcleaver said...

Isn't Peterson's still good?

Miyagi's sushi on 96th street near the HH Greg headquarters.

There's yats on 96th close to the pep boys.

Fishers/Indy/Carmel is kind of in franchise hell up in that area, so it's difficult to come up with decent places. Your local favorites will gravitate to broadripple, downtown, or fountain square.

Andrea said...

This may not be gourmet, but the best pizza in Fishers is at Salviola's, which is in a strip mall on 96th Street, just east of I-69. It's right by Blockbuster...

They have AMAZING pizza - homemade crust, awesome sauce, etc. YUM.

Anonymous said...

Mama Bear's Cafe & Bakery at 8487 Union Chapel Rd. i can vouch for Masala Kitchen; they have a tasty lunch buffet. for thai, Jasmine on 96th street west of Allisonville. also, the Nickel Plate Bar & Grill on 116th street at the railroad tracks. you can't go wrong with Yats, either.

braingirl said...

Yes to Mama Bear's! Love their pie. And I do like Nickle Plate if you're up for burgers, tenderloins and even big salads.

Anonymous said...

wise guy's pizza off allisonville - the breadsticks are to die for.
jasmine thai off 96th.
fion mccools off 116th - food is pretty good and beats places like the caladagh. i believe it's locally owned; at least i hope so because that's why i go there! :)

Anonymous said...

Eddies at the Geist Marina is also very good and the setting is nice for outdoor dining. I also like the outdoor dining at Puccini's next door to Eddies. They have pretty decent pasta dishes on the cheap and their pizza is very good also..but Yats on 96th st is the best "cheap eats" for sure!

DMC said...

Absolutely to Yats! And Miyagi's was good the one time I visited.

But a must try for Mexican is Pancho's at the NW corner of 96th & Allisonville...fantastic fish tacos and I've heard good things about everything else, too.

Mike said...

Bong's Tavern. While it is in the middle of nowhere up towards Anderson, the food is fantastic as is the atmosphere. Also, Sawasdee (thai), Oakley's Bistro. Not in Fishers but relatively close near 86th and Ditch.

Jonathan said...

I personally like Mudsock Grill at 146th & Hazel Dell in the Kroger Plaza. It is very kid friendly and also a great place to watch a game.

I also like Casler's at 116th and Olio Rd.

Others include:

Infusion - Fall Creek and Brookschool Rd.

Monical's Pizza - 141st and SR 37

Sahm's - 116th and Allisonville Rd.

Houlihan's - Hamilton Town Center at Exit 10/I-69

Mo's Irish Pub - Hamilton Town Center at Exit 10/I-69

Peterson's - 96th St. and Hague Rd. just west of I-69 (Across from Mike's Car Wash)

Bella Vita Ristorante- Fall Creek Rd. at the Geist Marina. (Inside and outside dining)

Original Pancake House (must do for breakfast) 116th St. west of I-69 on the south side of the road.

Hope this helps as I eat out all the time. Let me know if you want to know about any other areas.

Anonymous said...

That's a list, but "spoiled foodies" are going to be unhappy at Bella Vita (terrible and expensive), Infusion (just terrible), Houlihan's (chain restaurant hell), Mudsock's, and some of those others. Not to slam someone else's list, but just eating out a lot doesn't mean eating well. Some of these aren't good. Mo's is OK if you're looking for sandwiches, burgers, and pub grub.

Eddie's as Geist is a good rec. That place is a hidden gem. And better pizza is Puccini's.

Did anyone ever answer whether Peterson's is still good since Karl has been gone?

Anonymous said...

Fishers isn't known as Foodieville, U.S.A. Unless you purchased site unseen in Fishers did you not notice it looks like every other Anytown, U.S.A. that was over run by chain products and is now trying to create a contrived "small town village look" which will then be filled with chain store?

Anonymous said...

Peterson's is my fave foodie hideout in Fishers. I dined at there this last week and had a fabulous time. I used to go there to when Karl was still Exec Chef and I haven't noticed any changes since he left. The food was superb and my server was very helpful. By far the best on the northside!