Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Wings, Pasta, and Bacon!

Was going to work on a Summer Cocktails, Pt II for you yesterday, but actual, you know *work* got in the way. Of course, I'm great at procrastinating when I have big projects on deck, and let's just say...my house is *very* clean.

In the meantime, here are a few things to chew on:

*Buffalo Wild Wings has formally signed on for downtown at 7 E. Washington St. Look for the massive location to open in the Fall. [IBJ]

*Looks like the Simons are trying to lure an Il Mulino to Indy. So far it sounds like buzzy vapor and there's no formal word on where it might go although we can all make a couple of guesses. [Susan Guyette]

*Love bacon? Join in the manic fun with Pork Week. You'll either love or be disgusted by the bacon suit. (I thought it was kind of hot.) [Salon]

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Cathleen said...

While Il Mulino might be good for the Indy restaurant scene, I had an absolutely horrible experience at their Las Vegas location. Their food is INCREDIBLY overpriced. Unless they made some major pricing changes, I don't think the Indianapolis market could support the place. This place makes Ruth's Chris and St Elmo's look cheap. They charge over $30 for a plate of pasta.