Friday, August 01, 2008

Clean Out the Refrigerator Friday

It's the end of the week bits and pieces, the stuff that will get pitched if you don't take it home, the leftovers you really should eat because money doesn't grow on trees, you know.

*NRN's Bret Thorn is a Dr. Horrible fan! Who knew? Long live the Evil League of Evil ! [Food Writer's Diary]

*An inside-the-industry perspective on the Bennigan's/Steak-and-Ale bankruptcy. Bottom line: New innovators roar past old innovators. [The Scoop]

*FTC kicks the Wild Oats/Whole Foods merger down to a lower court for review -- again. [Natural-Specialty Foods Memo]

*Looks like the dogs are already lining up for a legislative dog fight next year over Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana. The players? Two big lobbyists with lots of big clients. (No surprises, there.) [WineCanine]


Bret Thorn said...

Hey, if Joss Whedon’s involved, I’m all over it. But who knew Neil Patrick Harris could sing?

braingirl said...

That was the best part! (Well, I have a secret crush on Nathan Fillion ever since Firefly.)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today. Thanks for the posts on Whole Foods and Bennigans; good reads!