Friday, August 29, 2008

Fresh Rabbit at The Goose

Chris has fresh rabbits in the case at Goose the Market. (He has rabbit almost all the time, but usually only fresh with some notice.) If you ask nicely, he'll probably debone it for you -- a task to which I have neither the technical skill nor fortitude to complete. He parted mine out, too, so I can freeze what I'm not cooking tomorrow. There's a rabbit terrine (with pork, duck fat, and chicken liver) on my agenda this weekend and rabbit loin or rabbit/duck confit on the agenda for next. I still need to go back for some of the Viking lamb-b-que.

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Brendan said...

I got a fresh rabbit from the Goose for Easter - if I had known how strong bunny bones and connective tissue are, I would have asked him to butcher it for me. It was worth the effort, though - I roasted it in mustard and white wine, then mixed the drippings with creme fraiche for a sauce. Good stuff (and good luck with your terrine).