Tuesday, August 05, 2008

More on Good Life Farms

Before dinner, Darin of Good Life Farms took us for an extensive tour of his farm where he grows vegetables and cut flowers of all sorts. His signature crop? Lettuce which he prestarts, plants, then cuts for his signature six-leaf blend. (You can find his greens at The Goose, R Bistro, and Locally Grown Gardens in Indianapolis along with Sycamore Farms in Terra Haute.) He's also in a CSA.

Hit by severe flooding early this summer, it's been a tough year for small producers like Good Life. But some of their plants made it, and their pumpkin patch is in!
Even better, we got a chance to meet lots of local producers, food lovers and fans. Here's a big shout out to Ed and Theresa Stites, Brett and Tia from New Day Meadery, Nolan from Crossroads, and a whole slew of folks who enjoyed Chef Eley's feast.

More pics from the farm, folks who attended, and dinner in the Feed Me/Drink Me photo group!

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