Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More Posts on Rockaway

Yes, believe it or not, wine bloggers got a crack at this wine before traditional wine media. Look for Parker and mainstream media reviews to hit next month. (Full disclosure: They shipped us wine at no charge for review but were were in no way obligated to give it a positive review.) While you wait to see what the the big boys think, check out the other reviews and see what they have to say about Rockaway. Imagine that! Customers actually getting first crack at filling up the allocations mailing list!

*Joe Roberts (CSW) from 1WineDude talks about Rodney Strong, their history, and Rockaway, of course.
*Megan from Wannabe Wino with more on the profile and history.
*Kori from Wine Peeps with tasting notes and more on the brand.
*Deb from Good Wine Under $20 recommends two expensive cabs including the Rockaway if you're going to splurge
*Arthur Black, Indianapolis-based Master Sommelier Candidate, reviews Rockaway at the Good Grape (and manages to work in a Shrek and Donkey reference, natch.)
*Look for posts to come from Tim at winecast

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