Monday, August 18, 2008

Restaurant Tallent: Wine and Swine

Look for a menu this week for Restaurant Tallent's Oregon Pinot Wine and Swine dinner on Wednesday, September 3 in Bloomington. I hear it will feature Sinnean, Bergstrom-Cumberland, Arch Summit, and Four Graces. Plus, one can only imagine the menu will be full of Dave's piggy love. You need to know what this man can do to pork. Call Tallent for reservations. I'll post the menu when I get it. (It *still* amazes me when I talk to food professionals who haven't been to this restaurant, and worse, haven't even heard of it.)

Update: Please note the date change to Wednesday, Sept 3.


Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,
We have moved the wine and swine event back one week, so it will be Wednesday September 3rd. Hope to see you all there.
Krissy Tallent

braingirl said...

Krissy, thanks! I've made the update and eagerly await the menu.