Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baking Pies and Best of ... Pizza!

Chefs are arriving back from Italy where I hear we had a terrific Terra Madre contingent. More importantly, Indiana was well recognized as being ahead of the game when it comes to producing and eating local ingredients. More as it comes (and we might even have a few guest posts.)

* How to Cook a Pie? Pastry Chef Joseph Alford will teach you how to make a perfect pumpkin pie in a cooking class at Pikk's Tavern, 12:00 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 22. $24.99 per person. Call Pikk's to reserve a spot.

** More turkeys: Jonah's Market is taking orders for fresh turkeys until Nov. 7. Planning ahead isn't too bad -- check your other turkey options, too including Joe's Butcher Shop, Goose, the Market, and The Good Earth for their order deadlines.

* Dine's Best of .... Pizza! Want to see who won our Best of... Pizza tasting for Indianapolis dine magazine? They've posted video with the top 10 high scoring pies. (Click on "Best of" video link.) Aside from the great shots of my arm (mmm, yummy), you'll should also note how low the overall scores were out of 100 points. (More on the losers.)


Phil Lavoie said...

We haven't had pizza in a month. However, I've been craving pizza for about 29 days now.

Since Some Guys delivers to my house, I may have to try some of these tonight.


The house is for sale, but maybe this is a good reason to stay put.

CorrND said...

What is #3 Tomato Margherita from da! BIG formaggio? Is that supposed to be Eh! Formaggio (at 56th and Lafayette)?

If so, I'm happy to see that they made the top 10. We got hooked on their margherita pizza when they were located downtown on Georgia St. and even though they're further away now, we still regularly drive up there specifically to get it.

bilerico said...

Ooooh. How annoying - the Dine site only has video without any text to go with it. I'd do a story on this myself, but I don't want to have to keep watching it to get all the names, etc. /end rant

That said - I'm curious how many pies each shop submitted. I saw 2 or 3 pies from the same restaurant, which doesn't seem quite fair. Any thoughts on whether multiple pies were okay or not?

braingirl said...

The full results with photos and comments from us judges runs in Nov/Dec issue of Dine. But I agree it's annoying that they don't add the text and a chart on the website.

For the rules of "Best Of..." each restaurant can submit up to 3 entries. This is the same case for everyone. It's common that one entry might be better than another. We taste blind and they shuffle the order up a bit, so we really don't have an idea of who's dish is whose.