Friday, October 03, 2008

Friday Miscellany: Sonic, Cinnamon Rolls and COOL.

Lots going on what with a few openings (Hmmm. Tavern at the Temple perhaps?) and closings (another City Market vendor bites the dust). The press seems to be in full swing as well with end of year trends stories, hot ideas for next year, and the ongoing push for Sunday alcohol and cold beer sales. (Hello, Muncie!) In the spirit of wrapping up the week, check out these bits and pieces you might find of interest in the food world.

Rumors of Sonic's Demise May Be Premature: Peter Romeo at Nation's Restaurant News wants you to know that it was inappropriate for John McCain to call out Oklahoma-based Sonic as victim of the economic meltdown in a recent email to supporters:

In covering companies with financial problems—something Nation’s Restaurant News is doing with increasing frequency these days—we’re painstakingly careful not to suggest that a concern could be going under, unless of course it’s actually filed for bankruptcy. At the hint of a business failing, suppliers might deny credit, loans could be called, prospective franchisees could pass on a contract, landlords could choose another tenant, and new hires might decide to work elsewhere. It’s the business equivalent of declaring someone a criminal because suspicions have been raised.

More at The Scoop.

I Want These: Brioche Cinnamon Rolls -- just in time for cool weekend mornings. From What Geeks Eat.

Country of Origin Labeling: Chicago's COOL law went into effect this week requiring supermarkets to ensure that the source country of many foods including produce and meat is included on the label. It's an interesting idea but excludes the biggest possible offenders -- processed foods and butchers. Me? I want to know where my meat is coming from. More at The Stew.

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