Friday, October 17, 2008

Indy Cigar Bar

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Thursday night, went out with the boys to check out the Indy Cigar Bar on 86th St across from the Fashion Mall. It was a fine idea. This charming bar/cigar shop has a liquor license, a long bar, and comfortable seating which makes it perfect for a glass of Scotch or a Belgian Chimay along with something from their robust cigar collection. A room-sized humidor keeps things in relatively good shape with flavored cigars sequestered in seperate cases. Even our experts were impressed. The selection and pricing are equally good.

Food selection is limited (a lone Cuban sandwich) but the rest makes up for it. Count me in!

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bjhawk said...

This is hands down the best cigar bar in the city. It has a great selection of premium liquor and beers and it also has the best selection of premium cigars in the city. They have a HUGE walk in humidor and this place is much more than a cigar bar, it is a cigar shop inside of a small intimate cigar bar.


Fred said...

I wish I could comment intelligently on the Indy Cigar Bar. Unfortunately the last two times I've tried to go they've been closed.

Both times it's been about 9 pm on a Saturday night. We (a group of 5) tried to go last night - no sign of life, doors locked. At 9:15 pm.

How in the world do they expect to survive if they're not open on Saturdays for the after dinner crowd?

The first time we tried to go the owner had a full house and was sitting with friends drinking a beer (and was pretty obviously tipsy). Told us he had last call a half hour ago (at 8 pm) and we should try Eddie Merlot's or Fox and the Hound.

I can't imagine anyone who's trying to run a successful bar closing the doors before 9 on a Saturday.

Two strikes and they're out in my book. We won't try them again.

Anonymous said...

We think Indy Cigar Bar is Great. Great cigars, Great single malt scotch selection and Great Service. We really like the "No Cigarette Smoking" policy. It is a very cool place for those who are cigar aficionados.

braingirl said...

We had the same 9:30 p.m. experience. The website says they're open 11:00 a.m. "to close" which means nothing to me when I'm trying to plan a night out. It was a bit odd to have someone saying "last call" by 9:00 p.m. while they shut the lights out around us. Made it clear they were ready for us to be done.

The owner told us he does a lot of daytime business, so I suppose their intent is just not to be an after-dinner, late-night place.

SodaBob said...

Yes. Heard the owner on Abdul in the Morning this morning. He said his concept of the place is not a "get drunk and drive home plastered at midnight" sort of place. It's a place to come in, and enjoy a cigar and a drink or two. He said it something like this, "fewer but better drinks," something like that. I'm not a cigar smoker or a hard liquor drinker, but I love the concept.

blake said...

Fred misses the point, it's not a bar bar, and doesn't cater to that crowd. It's a retail shop where people can come in and enjoy a cigar, but also have a nice drink or a bite to eat while you're there. If you want to pound jack & cokes til 1AM head to one of the other hundred places around town.