Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Puck's Discontinues Dinner Service

Plate o' Puck's shrimp. Susan Guyett reports in her column today that Puck's will be discontinuing dinner service effective Saturday. They'll still be open for lunches and Sunday brunch. The cafe will expand their hours and they note that a Thursday happy hour (who knew?) will remain but without hot food. Umm. OK.

Change is good, but what I want to know is when they're finally going to cut Puck's loose!


SCUBAchef said...

Apparently the new Thai place in Fountain Square has opened, it's called Siam Square (http://www.siamsquareindy.com/). I'll probably give it a try tomorrow.

Matt's Miscellany said...

They should probably due away with Thursday's Happy Hour anyways since it's only attended by Museum Employees. Even if the stopped serving hot dishes, the service would still be poor and the drinks expensive. Oh well, can you tell that I had a few bad experiences there?