Saturday, October 04, 2008

Q: Where to Watch the Colts?

Of course, I'm a BrightHouse customer which means (aside from Survivor) I won't get the Colts game on Sunday! Now, typically, I watch at home or with friends, and unless it's home game day and I head down to Ruth's Chris. As it's an away game, what are my best options? Where are the best places to watch the game? Sure, the usual sports bar suspects come to mind as well as the big, chain restaurants. Are there any hidden gems for watching the game? Are Mass Ave Pub or Chatham Tap worth it? Any restaurants with specials I don't know about? Help me out here! Great grub and beer specials are a bonus.


Fairy Princess With An Edge said...

Rumors say that Mass Ave Pub has Colts bingo during the game. Just thought I'd throw that out there!

Greg said...

I always like Spencer's Stadium Tavern.

Dustin serves a good beer, and he should - he used to be a brewmaster.