Friday, October 31, 2008

Three Latest and Best: Bacon Bourbon Edition!

Moon over My-Hammy: What has Chef Brad Gates and his new staff unleashed?! The latest from Euphoria is their house-made bacon-infused bourbon made into what we instantly dubbed "Ham-hattans", Manhattans with sweet-smoky bacon bourbon and blood orange bitters. Count me in! Possibly the best Manhattan I've ever had. (It's a good sign when the bartender has his own bacon wallet.)

Pizza Pizza: Sure, you'd think I'd be pizza'd out, but was pleasantly surprised the other evening with the cocktail pizzas served in the bar at SI (Scholar's Inn). Served to the crowd at a casual reception, the 'zza's were tucked in next to the obligatory chafing dish of meatballs and platter of pink and green cheese, but still, the pizza was a notch above. Crispy crust, the right cheese, chiffonade basil, and tangy sauce. Maybe I've finally found something there to order.

Find That Pastry Chef! Last weekend, we donned tuxedos and formal gowns for the annual induction ceremony for Chaine des Rotisseurs. The Columbia Club is always a beautiful venue, but amid a classically formal dinner, the sorbet stole the show! Nestled between a nice halibut in a curried beurre blanc and a venison medallion "Forestiere", the mezzo featured a pear sorbet swimming in pear brandy -- so creamy, it became the talk of the evening. When asked about the texture, the chefs said it was the pastry chef's doing. I want to know his or her secret! My other favorite of the night was the pre-supper crispy pancetta wrapped around figs and boysenberry goat cheese. The perfect little bite. (Even better with the Veuve Cliquot.)


RJ said...

I have been forced into leaving directly after my shift to avoid the Bacon Bourbons warm embrace. I can't think of a better fall cocktail. You should try the Sazerac (I probably spelled that wrong) it's awful tasty as well.

jackson said...

i checked out the "ham-hattan" at the euphoria/creation cafe halloween about addicting, definetly a great post shift drink...and as RJ said, try the sazerac, its wonderful!!