Friday, October 24, 2008

Three Latest and Best

It Wasn't What I Ordered, but It Was Good: Lunched at Hoaglin To Go on Mass Ave. and they were packed with the business lunch crowd. Our busy waiter mixed up soups and the chicken on my friend's salad, but we we muddled through (since it was, you know, *good*.) Loved the tuna melt made just the way gods intended -- fried in butter, grilled cheese style.

Getting Better: Some of the food at Creation Cafe has always been a little hit or miss, but if you stick to the basics you should be fine. A new hot ham-and-cheese was almost too salty to eat, but the pretzel bread had potential. All was forgiven with the four-cheese soup -- a tiny bit grainy but still so good.

Finally, Delicious: Hadn't been to Meridian in ages, but popped in for a late supper and ran into the fabulous wine goddess Lisa Cunningham and chef Dan Dunville. Dan's food always puts me in a better mood and this time, he fed me well -- fried polenta, grilled asparagus and balsamic and his star roasted beets. Menu is changing soon, in case you want to visit a few old favorites.


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