Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black (Chocolate) Friday

I get notices for all kinds of specials and try to focus on the ones I would actually attend -- but who can focus when it comes to Elizabeth Garber's truffles?! No matter what shopping you're doing on Friday, stop in to The Best Chocolate in Town for their Friday-after-Thanksgiving special -- all truffles $1.50 each. With a range of traditional truffle flavors (like raspberry and amaretto) and newer creations (like basil, lavender, goat cheese, and even Guiness), they are a remarkably inexpensive gift for hostesses, pals, or even co-workers. They are fresh and won't last more than a week or so, but you can buy as few as four and still get a nice box.

Plus, their announcement touts holiday flavors -- Gingerbread, Eggnog, and Candy Cane - which I haven't tried but, um, will be making a point to. You know, for *you* readers. I mean, even though I never met a chocolate I didn't like, I should make sure they're all good, right?

Look for peppermint bark, too, much better, and less expensive, I'd wager than the $30 boxes in the gourmet shop catalogs.

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