Monday, November 03, 2008

Blog Roundup

Ahh, election eve.

* California voters weigh in on Prop 2 which would make some confined animal operations illegal. It will have the biggest impact on egg producers. Even food lovers seem split on this one. (Did you know Indiana is the third high biggest egg producing state in the US?) [Ballotpedia]

*Old news, but if you love Zima, well, it's high time you moved on. MillerCoors is discontinuing the malt-liquor Fresca knockoff. [Hoosier Beer Geek]

*An Oregon dad wins the national Great Pumpkin prize with a massive, 1500 pound behomoth. Mmmm. Pie. [Natural-Specialty Foods Memo]

*Looking for a food lover's gift? A new edition of Ferdinand Point's legendary Ma Gastronomie hit bookstores last week. []

*Chef Chris Eley is back from Terra Madre with just a taste of Cured Meat Lane. [The Goose Blog]

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Jennifer said...

But would you recommend turning a ton-plus pumpkin into Thanksgiving dessert? Some people have asked this about the blob pumpkins at the market ...