Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Top Chef New York: Starts Tonight!

Sorry for the late notice, possums (with apologies to Amuse Biatch) but don't forget to watch the Bravo premier of Top Chef New York tonight at 10:00 p.m. Just a quick look at the contestant bios shows an even more accomplished crop of chefs than last season. The vast majority have heavy-hitting culinary degrees (although one is a 21-year-old CIA student) and nearly all are executive chefs, chef owners or chef de cuisines. Most are from the east coast with two from Boulder, one from Chicago, one from SF (Absinthe!), one from Nashville, and a smattering from southern California and south Florida. So turn on those ovens and get ready. This season should be hot. (Or at least, interesting when the chick from Nashville catches her hair on fire.)


Country Mouse City Mouse Indy said...

I really like Jamie, and Eugene!

Kirsten said...

Oh no! There should be a mandated warning on all Wii systems: playing Boom Blox may make you forget to watch the premier of one of your favorite shows.

Thanks goodness Bravo shows everything 20 billion times.

Edward said...

I really need to get TiVo. I missed it. It really is lucky that Bravo replays everything so often.

braingirl said...

Just watched today. Like Stefan. Like Jill (from Red Maple), and the girl from Absinthe. Some of the egos are going to have to shake out. And poor Patrick was just out of his league. I suspect Ariane is too. Why go into NYC when you can just look it up in a book?!