Friday, December 05, 2008

Friday Bits and Pieces: Scams, Vanilla Beans, and RIP Copia

Like a wandering child who's finally returned home, I have a whole new appreciation for you all, my readers, who know and love good food! You are the people who embrace quality! You are the people who pay attention to how we eat and live. You are the ones who love to cook and explore and try. You are the ones that keep me seeking treats, hidden deals, and artisinal products. I've eaten with a lot of you know first hand that you can taste industrial shortenings or poor quality vegetables. And mostly, you are the ones that keep me blogging every day. Having had a very recent remind of how the Two-Buck-Chuck population lives, I wanted to not only affirm my position as a food snob, but embrace it! Food lovers, unite!

**I have to give a shout-out to my friend, cook-extra-ordianaire, and sister-in-arms, Victoria, who blogs about her annual shipment of vanilla beans. I may steal her idea -- it's brilliant! [Love Apples]

**Stacy at the IRA reports on a scam hitting local restaurants. If you get a letter from the government about Indiana Restaurant Association, check it out first. It might not be them! (UPdated --no blogging before coffee!) [Voice of Indiana Hospitality]

** Ole Oleson notes the passing of Napa's Copia Center closed due to lack of funds. A pet project of Robert Mondavi's, the idea was a good one, but probably more suited to Mondavi's free-spending days. If you haven't read House of Mondavi yet, you must. [Hoosier Wine Cellar]

** A good take on Alice Waters from Susan Gillie. She's right. (Plus, she gave my shoes a shout-out!) []


Stacy, Marketing Manager said...

Just wanted to point out that the deceptive letters that have been circulating to Indiana businesses do not look like they come from us at the Indiana Restaurant Association - it appears to come from an official government source. Just wanted to clarify - could you correct that portion of your post? I appreciate the link, thank you!

Circle City Sweets said...

I was sorry to read about the Copia. We went there on our honeymoon wine-country trip. Interesting place and the only official Julia Child restaurant.