Monday, December 08, 2008

Tuesday Open Thread: What Food/Wine Magazines Do You Take?

Spectating the shit out of some wineImage by stringbot via Flickr Is it just me or is everyone culling the magazines they've been getting? Gourmet and Bon Apetit have had lots of free trials lately, but after you get six free copies, will you keep them around? Food and Wine has always made the cut at my house while Wine Spectator and Cook's Illustrated have both been happily eliminated from my mailbox. With updates via email, new cookbooks, and a shortage of time, what cooking, food and wine publications make the cut at your house?


Jeff (Good Grape) said...

I whacked a TON of magazines at my house -- making the cut are Gourmet, Food & Wine, Saveur, and Wine & Spirits.

If I had to cut out of that list Food & Wine and Saveur would be safe, ala Reality Show elimination.

Out are a bunch of diff. magazines, including all of the wine glossies -- Wine Enthusiast, Spectator, Quarterly Review of Wines, Wine Press, etc. etc.

They are all complete rags full of uninteresting editorial and aspirational, luxury advertising.

braingirl said...

I think you were one of the people who told me you were purging. Seems like so many people are cutting the wine glossies out.

CorrND said...

We've got a current subscription to Wine Spectator under the advice of my brother that any fan of wine should get it for a year at some point (and then drop it -- too repetitive). It will not be renewed.

Gourmet and Bon Appetit are up for consideration. We got freebie subscriptions and my wife finds them very useful for recipes.

Becky P said...

I culled all of my food and wine mags two years ago, but found that some were missed. This year, I am re-upping my subscription to Bon Appetit and see what happens.