Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trader's Point Creamery -- now in jars

Had a few folks over for snacks the other evening and was so happy to see Fons Smits, cheesemaker at Trader's Point Creamery, and his fantastic wife, Eileen, and they came with treats! Never say "no" to men bearing gifts of dairy especially when it's the Fleur de la Terre, cottage cheese and fromage blanc in the new glass jars! I know the European-style dry cottage cheese isn't everyone's taste, but I love it so. (That watery stuff squicks me out.) We happily worshipped at the stinking curd altar (thanks, Eileen!) -- a cheese board arrayed with the smelliest of the smellies including the Red Hawk from Fons' days at Cowgirl Creamery. All hail the aged goat! All hail the raw milk! All hail cheese!

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