Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get Thee to the Goose: Delaware Cannonball

"What is it?" I asked pointing at the red lump of what could only be cured meat sitting in the charcuterie and cheese case at Goose, The Market. Chris came over to introduce me to the Delaware Cannonball -- a goose pastrami. (Neal and Chris both corrected me that it is duck not goose. I had duck on the brain yesterday.)

You know, the best part of stopping in at The Goose to forage for dinner is finding these gems. This is some of the best cured meat I've ever had -- the texture is heavy, a bit grainy, and rich -- like any other good pastrami. And the spicing is tangy, strong with garlic, but not hot. This would make a fabulous sandwich, but really, why eat it any other way than just standing at the kitchen counter snarfing it up out of the paper wrapping. A little bit of pure heaven.

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