Monday, March 02, 2009

Three Latest and Best

Bourbon Salmon Reuben at The Oceanaire: Ignore the lunch specials at your peril. The wild salmon in a sweet glaze sat happily with a mound of sauerkraut on thick, toasted pumpernickel -- a tasty new take on an old favorite.

Dinner in The Ripple: Celebrated a friend's birthday at Broad Ripple Steakhouse Saturday. If, like me, you haven't had a meal there in a while, it's still how I remember, reliable and delicious. The maple walnut salmon would have been too sweet on its own, but was perfect with salty red potatoes. And sure, it's not in season but the asparagus was cooked perfectly and hit my spring craving for veg.

Brunch at Elements: I've been meaning to try it for weeks and finally made it to Sunday brunch at Elements. The simple menu has something for everyone including salads, whole plates, a three-course prix fixe, all in the Elements style. The eggs Benedict were a treat -- rich hollandaise coated two perfectly soft-poached eggs, a tender slice of steak, and toasted brioche. Perfect from our sunny perch.


zwilks said...

Salmon Ruben is Awesome, had it last Thursday for lunch! Seems like everyone in the building recommended it to me! Mmmmmmm MMMMMMMM Good

Poppin' Ommegang said...

Wait a second. So, in this post:

you say the Elements brunch menu is very small and "not rich enough for brunch" (what does that even mean?). But now, you say it has something for everybody.

Which is it? How could you make those comments if you hadn't even been there yet?

braingirl said...

The post you refer to was in Feb. I hadn't been there yet. Now, I clearly have.