Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Three Latest and Best -- Making My Way Back Edition

Cheeses at Euphoria: Whether snacking or tackling a full menu, you must save room for a cheese course at Euphoria. German, Italian, French and US cheeses, there's Brillat-Savarin you'll need a spoon to eat, Port Salut, and Boucheron (a personal favorite, the gooier the better), and don't forget the Humboldt Fog, the 5-year aged Gouda, and the Robiola Bosina.

Mary Beth Poe Catering: OK, so, I'm a little in love with the sweet cheese tarts with candied nuts all nestled in the phyllo cups. Also, the shrimp wrapped in bacon. Plus, you guys make great mint julips. That is all.

A Little Scotch Egg Love: Yes, yes, I know, start up the "you only go to the same places engines", but who can't resist giving the guys a MacNiven's a little Scotch Egg love. Honestly. They're just awesome. (I recently read a review where someone dinged the Scotch Eggs because they're *fried*. Excuse me?)

Two Minute Warning: The Capitol Grille at the Conrad has had a couple of tough weeks losing GM Greg Van Winkle and apparently some kitchen staff. Friday night was packed but with surprisingly slow service. We were already wondering if the meal could be saved when our steaks arrived -- all painfully overcooked. Back they went. Of course, the next round were very rare, but we were out of time (and patience) to send them back for a third try. (We now know where to get a good black-and-blue steak in Indy.) On the plus side, the company was excellent and we had incredible wines thanks to our dinner companions' wine locker (Chapellet, Van Strasser, and Tikal, oh yes). It was clearly a tough night for the kitchen (and accountants, I'd suspect) but in the competitive downtown steakhouse market, customers expect a premium restaurant to nail it every time. Our evening ended on a high note with Ryan, John, and a bottle of bubbly at the Oceanaire. (The Capitol Grille web site says "be wined, dined, and dazzled." Ouch.)


Donald said...

You really can't give enough love to the Scotch Eggs. As for the complaint that they are fried... I really wouldn't even know what to say to someone if I read it or heard them say it other than "how they hell else are you supposed to make them?".

wouldibuyitagain said...

I agree, you have to execute each and every time, but that should be the battle cry of all restaurants?! I hold steakhouses to a higher standard because of the price, competition and lack of originality that it takes to grill a steak.

I love a good cheese plate and Euphoria is a great setting to enjoy it, thanks for the heads up!

Erin Day said...

mmmmmm...cheese plates at Euphoria..One of my favorite things!

Mia Girard said...

Do you know where Greg van Winkle went? I've been trying to track him down. I'm an old associate from KC.