Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Am I Missing Something?

This from today's Publisher's Lunch, a daily book deal report:

Cooking Peabody Award-winning Kitchen Sisters (broadcast on NPR's Morning Edition) Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva's HIDDEN KITCHENS: Stories of Land, Kitchen and Community, chronicling stories of people and food from around the country dubbed "off the radar cooks," working in everything from makeshift kitchens outside a cab yard in San Francisco to a shipyard in Michigan where chicken is roasted in the same ovens where welding takes place, for publication in fall 2005, to tie in with a series of new radio broadcasts, to Leigh Haber at Rodale, by Lynn Nesbit at Janklow & Nesbit (world).

I heard this series on NPR's Morning Edition and maybe it just didn't translate to radio, but it was really awful. It was especially jarring after Bob Edwards' departure and replacement by two new and inept hosts. I just didn't find it interesting or funny. What is particularly fascinating about a cardboard box community where they cook hotdogs over a fire in a barrel? Or a guy who makes food for a fishing crew where they talk more about how good it used to be than how good it is now? It wasn't about the techniques or the food and while it tried to be about people cooking in situations that were odd, the "Kitchen Sisters" ended up not making it about anything in particular. Maybe it will work better in a book -- and it will certainly benefit from another run on the station. The hosts were clearly more enamored with it then the listeners. Good for them. Maybe they'll buy lots of copies of the book.

(I suspect that's a typo above and that it's coming in Fall 2006. The "world" denotes world rights were sold with the deal.)

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