Sunday, February 13, 2005

Wine Shipping Boxes

At the risk of this becoming just a catch-all for every stray food and wine thought that crosses my saran-wrapped little mind, I have to mention that I want to offload some boxes.

Seriously, I have two of those big shipping boxes, complete with stryofoam wine shipping inserts, good for shipping one case each of standard size wine bottles. If you've ever had to ship wine, these boxes and inserts are pretty expensive, so I hate to just throw them away. On the other hand, I never ship wine and I have no place to store them. So, they're free to the first person who posts below that they want them and provides me their email address. Otherwise, out they go.

1 comment:

LLL said...

Keep one! As you know, DLD checks an empty one on the flight over, fills it with select bottles from Chateaux tastings and vineyard tours during our vacation, and rechecks it as luggage on the way home. You can carry home fabulous wines that you might not be able afford or even find in the U.S.