Monday, March 07, 2005

Indy Food Notes

Shout out to who listed Feed Me/Drink Me in their roundup of regional foodie blogs.

Rumor has it Chef Steven Oakley will be changing the Oakley's Bistro menu this week. If you love his butternut squash maple soup, stock up now or it's gone until fall. (I just put two quarts in the freezer to keep me going.)

A nice dining room and bar interior redecoration is almost finished at Ruth's Chris downtown complete with wine lockers for regulars. $500 + a one case purchase might get you on the waiting list.

Recently attended a private party at iMoca in the Katz and Korn building on Senate downtown. A modern venue with art, a bar on the side, and space for 50 or more people. Don't know the rental details (or if they're making it available on a regular basis for these sorts of events) but it would be nice to have another unique party space downtown.

Get your tickets for Zoobilation, June 10. It's expected to sell out early this year. If you haven't attended before, it's one of the best events of year complete with 50 restaurants, every kind of drink imaginable, and several bands. This year's theme is tropical. Tickets are $175 for Indianapolis Zoo members.

This month's Indy Men's Magazine features an interview with Wolfgang Puck in its food issue. Puck will be consulting on the opening of the new Indianapolis Museum of Art's cafe this spring.

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