Monday, March 21, 2005

What I Learned in Dine Magazine Today

Sailor Jerry's spiced rum has an extra high alcohol content. Good to know if you're ordering this brand over, say, Captain Morgan's. With 11 percent more alcohol, this rum packs a 92 proof punch.

Coney dogs and chili dogs are not the same...animal. Coney dogs feature a sweeter meat sauce while chili dogs are smothered in, well, chili. As they note, either way you'll need lots of Tums and napkins.

Our local New York pizzeria, Eh! Fromaggio, is reopening at 56th and Lafayette Rd. They lost their location on Georgia (across from Conseco Fieldhouse) last fall in a rent dispute. Dave Frost is one of our few CIA chefs in town, so stop by so he'll stay. Plus he has these amazing chocolate chip canolis.


Scott Hutcheson said...

Good synopsis of "Dine." Speaking of New York-style pizzarias, have you tried Amore in Zionsville?


braingirl said...

Haven't tried it but will! Love NY pizza and love anyone who will deliver to me!