Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Fat Fighter...Mmmm. Deepifying!

From Time Magazine's list of 5 New Things that will blow your mind. Well, I'm not sure about that so much, but this one was interesting. I'm all for making deep frying more healthy, but only if it doesn't defeat the whole purpose of putting that crispy, yummy coating placed there by the grace of God and hot grease to begin with. This may work with fish sticks, but the real test will be a chicken fried steak. (Or, better, yet, Grady Spears' Chicken Fried Fois Gras.) Well, that and the whole "intestinal distress" issue involved with those other fat substitutes. Time on the The Fat Fighter:

In the twilight of the Atkins age, people are realizing that while carbs may still be an enemy, fat is no friend. Does that mean you have to ditch the deep fryer? Maybe not. Proteus Industries of Gloucester, Mass., has developed a technique to extract proteins from animal muscle, creating a coating for chicken nuggets, fish sticks and other foods that prevents excess oil from penetrating beyond the breading or batter. The food looks similar on the outside, but it's not greasy on the inside. That translates into real fat busting: the overall content in fish sticks, for instance, goes from 14 g to as little as 4 g—a 70% drop. Proteus' process is making its debut in fish sticks from the company's local collaborator, Good Harbor Fillet. Someday, it may be used by home cooks as well.

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