Friday, October 28, 2005

Su Vino Sold!

For those of you in the Dallas-Ft-Worth area, you'll be interested to know that popular winemakers Tim Weinheimer and Patrick Nelson have sold their award-winning Su Vino Winery in Grapevine. In what sounds like one of those serendipitous life changing events, Tim was offered a dream job rejoining the world of advertising. And, the two also happened to get an offer they couldn't refuse for popular microwinery Su Vino. They've packed up, sold the condo, and moved to Mars -- Pennsylvania, that is, just outside Pittsburgh. (Patrick and Tim say "bring wine!" Apparently Pennsylvania's state-run liquor stores leave something to be desired.) The new owners are, by all accounts, passionate about the business. They have a strong legacy to stand up to. Here's hoping they keep up the great tradition!

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