Thursday, November 17, 2005

Jon, Mark, and Robbo's Easy Drinking Whisky

New at MacNivan's, the latest in Scotch whiskys for beginners. I love the concept from the unpretentious labling to easy-to-understand flavors. So it's a slick business concept, so what? I have a lot of respect for slick business concepts. The product? Jon, Mark and Robbo's Easy Drinking Whisky Personally, my favorite is the aptly named The Rich Spicy One, but The Smooth Sweeter One is a second favorite. I aspire to really enjoy The Smokey Peaty One, but let's face it, Scotch can be an acquired taste. These aren't single malts but blended whiskys and, frankly, to my taste a lot more interesting than your average Dewar's or Johnnie Walker Black. These guys aren't newbies and they get a lot of credit for bringing an accessible, quality product to market! Cheers!

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