Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What I Learned in Dine Magazine

Tapas, Oh Yumm! I'd heard a rumor, but this month's issue of Dine confirms it -- Oh Yumm Bistro now features tapas on Tuesdays. The chef and his wife are big fans of Cafe Ba Ba Reeba! in Chicago and have added the small plates format to their Tuesday menus. Bonus -- red and white wine sangria!

It's Good to Be a Critic: It must be good to be Reid Duffy since the meal he had a Fleming's sounds completely different from ours. We never saw (on a menu or otherwise) the goat cheese spread starters and we certainly weren't as impressed with the service. His highly buffed wine glasses must have made up for the two spotty ones we had to return. (I've honestly never been served glasses that smudged in a high end restaurant -- and certainly not before a $13 glass of cab was poured into them.) Glad he had a good meal -- he can go back since we won't be.

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve? Maybe this should go in the "What I want for Christmas" section. Right now, top on my list would be the New Year's Eve dinner at Elements with Chef Greg Hardesty. The menu looks like it will include lobster, caviar and all kinds of other delicious treats to toast to the end of another year.

Steven Oakley Making Indy Look Good: Confirming what most of his fans already knew, Harken dubs Oakley "Mr. Incredible". On his last trip to Cakebread, Steve apparently made a lot of people start thinking twice about Indianapolis food which is good for all of our top chefs. Sounds like everyone else is just as impressed with his consistency, professionalism, and creativity. We couldn't ask for a better evangelist for Indianapolis food.


Jim said...

I have been DYING for a Spanish tapas joint to open up around here. I'll have to check out Oh Yumm. The missus and I have been meaning to go there, and this provides a good excuse.

torporific said...

They even have a decent tapas joint in columbia, south carolina (where I am this week). C'mon Indianapolis.