Sunday, December 11, 2005

Scholar's Inn Hooks Up Blogger

Lots of coverage this week on the Colts -- and one of my favorite stories comes via Adam Schefter, the blogger stationed in Indy with the assignment of blogging on the Colts until the lose (if they lose). In an entry last week, Schefter commented on his response to a local journalist's question about uprooting his life and moving to Indy (albeit temporarily). His plea for someone to look after him was answered by Lyle Feigenbaum, co-owner of the Scholar's Inn on Mass Ave.

Schefter blogs:

...Lyle filled me in about his restaurant. In 2002, it won the best new restaurant in Indianapolis in the Indianapolis Monthly and the Indianapolis Star. It bakes the bread for St. Elmos, the most famous eatery in Indianapolis. And any place that bakes for St. Elmos can cook for me anytime.

After wrapping up interviews and reports from Colts land on Wednesday, I headed to the Scholars Inn Gourmet Café & Wine Bar. It's a place that has hosted many of the Colts and their wives, and one look at it would explain why. It is, to steal Lyle's words, a very cool upscale restaurant.

Even better, Lyle -- a season-ticket holder since the mid 1980s -- sat down and had dinner with me.

Ate a tasty salad and talked football. Ate delicious duck breast and talked life. Ate an incredible Caribbean custard -- in Indianapolis? In Indianapolis -- and talked more football. And found that -- what do you know? -- I do have a friend in Indianapolis. One, at least.

Don't want my boss to read me admitting this, but this assignment in Indianapolis? Not as grim as I thought.

Read about Adam's further adventures (football, culinary and otherwise) at Indianapolis on My Mind.

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