Monday, March 20, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Wow -- sorry for the long break. Sometimes a girl just has to detox! But it's spring and I promise to try to be back with the best tidbits for eating in and around Indiana. To catch us up, here are my three latest and best:

Dinner at Morimoto (NY): This Iron Chef's newest American restaurant offers all the odd sorts of combinations he's famous for (although I didn't see trout ice cream on the menu). I had oyster foie gras (who knew oysters had a liver?) and my dining companion had duck duck duck (three ways) with a fois gras croissant. Lots of yuzu and great sake (and a weirdly vibrating table.)

College Beer at The Vogue for the Violent Femmes: Sure, this isn't technically a high brow food moment, but not only did the Femmes sound just like they did on the stereo of my 1984 Buick Regal, the beer tasted just the same. Mass quantities were consumed making all those fun nights of college come rushing back in an equally fun night here (only with more lawyers, teachers, and real estate agents in our midst). Even the hangover felt the same.

Four Cheese Pizza from Bazbeaux: You have to love a cheese pizza that's also loaded with bacon. Really, what's not to love? Well, actually, I don't love those big globs of ricotta they add, but they're good about making it a three cheese pizza with mushrooms.

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