Friday, April 21, 2006

A Cool (as a Cucumber) Shout Out!

While I was in Chicago having a couple of Chu-cumber Chu-his at the fantastic Sushi Samba Rio, the fabulous Miss Kate from Accidental Hedonist gave us a great shout-out. Look for cool things to come from our favorite food blogger!

And what is a "Chu-hi" you might ask? In the world of Peruvian Japanese fusion, cocktails range from caipirnhas to martinis made with a distilled Japanese spirit called shochu, often likened to vodka. The spicy ginger was merely good compared to the knockout cucumber version. Plus, bonus, incredible sushi.


Dave Butcher said...

Hey braingirl. Suddenly happened upon you courtesy of the Accidental Hedonist. Because of your and my locations...I wonder if you know about a particular breed of pig, apparently raised somewhere in Indiana which is all the rage among serious ham producers here in Virginia (actually I'm north of the border in Maryland). Looking forward to your deep local knowledge.

Ramon said...

I think my comments got bumped. Try again.

Hey braingirl. Indiana Pork has a certain reputation in Virginia just south of me, for country hams. Any local insights you'd care to share?

Best. DB said...

We'll try for a fourth time. Really, we have the patience of the ages. What better way to spend the afternoon than in the pursuit of good food.

In any case.

Virginia ham hams...the real shit...seem to have an affection for a particular breed of pig raised in Indiana. Any knowledge thereof or information thereto?

Look forward to hearing from you