Monday, April 10, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Ahhh, work and eat, it's all I do. Here are my three latest and best:

Pommes Frites at Brugge: You just can't beat the crispy home-made goodness of these paper cone-enwrapped fries. I popped in for a Belgian brew and lunch the other day and had chance to catch up with brewmaster Ted. The secret? He has a cask of his own lambic fermenting in the brewery right now.

Dinner with friends at Oakley's and Elements: Who says I'm not an equal opportunity dinner guest? Terrific meals at both places is a great reminder we have some chefs doing good work right here at home.

A Night of Pinot Noir: I was lucky enough to be invited to a phenomenal dinner hosted by friends last weekend. We tasted at least 6 pinot noirs and I got a great lesson in California versus French styles along with age, delicacy, fruit and more. The wine was complimented with great food and good crowd of fellow guests, our hosts really did a wonderful job.

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