Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Neal Brown and L'Explorateur

What is Neal Brown up to? Between subtle news in the press and gossip from foodies and restaurant folks, here's what we know:

Neal has departed Brugge Brasserie and is officially working to open his new place, L'Explorateur, where he'll be executive chef. He has the backing and is opening in the former Tavola Di Tosa space. (Thai One On officially closed two weeks ago, not surprisingly.) No word yet on the formal opening for Neal's new place, but look for a modern, clean, hip feel with an eclectic menu. If nothing else, the food should be good. Oh, one piece of sad news, though. Word has it that Neal has cut his hair. In this day of chefs-as-rock-stars, Neal had the rock star look happening in his last few pictures. Don't worry, Neal. It will grow back!

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