Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tidbits Tidbits

I've been on a deadline so I've been a real homebody lately. Until we get out to eat again (which should be real soon now), here are a few tidbits to tide everyone over:

Salt: Kate over at Accidental Hedonist only lives the life we wish we all had. This week, she's shared the results of her own, in house, salt tasting. (If coffee tastings are called "cuppings", then are salt tastings called "saltings"? Or maybe "lickings"? Never mind.) And for what it's worth, she used cucumber.

"I knew duck confit, and that, sir, was no duck confit." Don't get me wrong, I love the beer at Brugge Brasserie, but since Neal left, the food just hasn't been quite right. I had pieces of duck last night that were billed as duck confit and looked to be no more than just duck that just looked roasted. The waiter said it "was cooked in its own fat" but touching a saute pan with some schmaltz does not a duck confit make. The meat in a real confit should have a completely different consistency. It should be cooked down lovingly for hours. It should make you want to put it in a jar and leave it by the bed for late night snacks with your partner of choice. It should be amazing. This was just, um, roast duck. The beer, on the other hand, the Pilsner and the currently available orgasmic Quad, made up for any shortcomings. I think I'm just going to stick to beer and fries.

Taste: The IndyStar is touting the launch of its new food section on Wednesdays, Taste. It looks like it will be a full insert with color, and reviews, and restaurant listings, and more! Gone are the days when you can find the movie schedule in the newspaper, but you can find the listings for a million places to eat. Not sure if it debuts this week (today) or next week.

Individually Packaged Chicken Breasts from TJ's: In the "Why Didn't They Think of This Sooner" department, I've discovered individually wrapped chicken breasts from TJs. You buy one package with about 7 chicken breasts in which can easily go in the freezer. Then you can pull out each individually, vacuum wrapped chicken breast as needed. Easy and you don't have to burn through the whole package of chicken, then wrap and rewrap and freeze, and then let go bad.

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