Thursday, July 06, 2006

Recovering from the Holidays

The 4th of July Holidays almost rival Christmas in terms of eating and food for me. From last Wednesday through this Tuesday, it was a never-ending round of parties, BBQs, and fireworks. I ate everything -- and I mean *everything* -- in the name of my love for BBQ food. Brats (boiled in beer, of course), burgers, corn, baked beans potato salad, chips, various pasta salads, miscellaneous bring-for-a-group salads, cake, pie (blueberry, rhubarb, and blueberry-rhubarb) as well as all that other stuff. This holiday is non-stop license to eat everything that's bad for you. And drink beer. Yesterday, I even helped a friend polish off left-overs! I'm still craving that artichoke dip from a party Saturday. I love BBQ food!

Thanks to everyone for the amazing invites from gorgeous Geist lakeside homes to Broad Ripple Bungalows to hip downtown hide-aways. If your last name is Peck, White, or Hetrick, thanks again for a lovely evening. On the heels of F1 week and weekend, I'm all tired out! (F1 is like fleet week for girls like me.) I really don't want another drink for a while -- and for me, that's saying something.

I'm off to Chicago to mourn foie gras, so here are some pointers to hold you over.

HFCS = Evil: If you've become pretty sensitive to foods loaded with High Fructose Corn Syrup, you'll be interested in the latest findings regarding this potentially deadly additive. Kate at Accidental Hedonist gives us the skinny (or not so skinny in this case) with the latest on the topic.

Calling all vegans: Over at Consuming Indy, they're looking for vegan restaurants on the southside. Amazingly no one's pointed any out.

No "jugs" jokes, please: IndyFoodie has been obsessing on European style yogurt from Trader's Point Creamery. OK, OK, *I've* been obsessing. Either way, there's a *reason* they put it in those milk jugs.

Red Bull gives you wiiiiings! Laura Lemay expounds on the goodness of Red Bull. It apparently doesn't give you wings, but could possibly be all good for you in all kinds of other ways.

And the winner is... And last but certainly not least, Scott Hutcheson reports Epicurious' Bon Appetit site making World Cup predictions via food. It appears it will be an all Pot au Feu/all Sauerbraten final.

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