Sunday, July 09, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Thai Green Curry at Sawasdee: Is there a more perfect food? I mean, really, is there? Who else is able to get Japanese eggplant year round but Ty? Amazing.

Greek Chicken Sandwich at Old Point Tavern: I have loved OPT for years. What's not to love? Great outdoor seating, good drinks, and awesome chili in the winter. But this summer, I have a new favorite: Think chicken breast in light spiced breading. Think well-dressed Greek salad with feta. Think all of this piled together on a hot, toasted Breadsmith roll. Think yum.

One Word: Butter. 9 courses, 7 wines, 3 cocktails, and 1 fantastic chef. More to come, but until I post, take this order: Get thee to Chicago. Make thee a reservation at Butter in the West Loop (amazingly, they're not hard to get), and let Chef Ryan Poli (formerly of French Laundry) work his simple, delicious magic. Everyone in this restaurant loves food and it shows. One of the best meals and service I've had. Seriously. Everything was "like buttah."

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