Thursday, August 24, 2006

New from The Dish

Thanks to Christine Speer at Indianapolis Monthly's The Dish for the shoutout on Pastry Happy Hour at Au Bon Pan. I have to give my own shout-out for that tip to gal pal and foodie friend Dr. K. Reddy who took me to browse through racks of discounted treats one evening. (A word of warning: They defile their asiago cheese bagels with jalapeno peppers. While purists would argue they've already ruined them with cheese, I prefer my asiago cheese bagels pepper free.) With bakery items only a few hours old, Pastry Happy Hour is a great way to load up on bagels, bread, cookies, and cake for the week or to throw in the freezer.

This week's Dish also features an interview with Bloomington chefs Dave and Kristin Tallent of Restaurant Tallent. A road trip is in the works to spend a day eating with these two delicious folks so look for more from me in weeks to come.

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Michelle said...

You know I signed up for The Dish when you first mentioned it a few weeks ago and I've yet to receive it. I didn't received a confirmation of my subscription nor I have a received a single edition of it. I'm going to sign up again and hopefully have more success but it's really frustrating

braingirl said...

Hmmm. I know it took me a couple of weeks to get my first one. But in the meantime, I've pinged someone who might be able to help out to come check in over here. Hopefully they'll get you up and running, soon!

Anonymous said...

I also signed up a while back and have yet to receive it.