Saturday, August 12, 2006

Wine from Jungle Jim's

I couldn't turn down the chance for another Jungle Jim's run with friends yesterday. (Actually, we made a run for the annual Hammacher-Schlemmer warehouse sale run but that's a whole other story.) We hit the store just after lunch and left at 2:00 p.m. For the first time, I really got to rummage around in the wine section. (And you get 10% off at the check-out lane for a mixed case.)

Now, for those who haven't been following along, Jungle Jim's is an Eastern institution. It's an enormous grocery store with all sorts of home grown attractions -- anamatronics for the kids, tours, activities, and more. For the grownups, it's a whole other kind of adventure. Part Stew Leonard, part Meijer, this place goes on and on. Yesterday, I spent at least 20 minutes digging through the collector cab bins looking for deals. The most interesting of my haul?

1998 Miner Vineyards Cabernet. ($17.99)
1998 Rocking Horse Cabernet ($29.99)
1994 Cafaro Napa Valley Cabernet ($15.99)
1998 Oakville Ranch Cabernet ($19.99)

I also picked up a few bottles of the lovely Goat Roti (from the same maker as the well-knwon South African Goats do Roam (Cote du Rhone style) wine.

We were running out of steam after we hit a few aisles in the International section. After showing the boys the "house of hot sauce", we did a commando hit in the foreign foods section, looked at cookware, and then hit the fish market. It was a great time -- and was as promised -- some interesting bargains await for those ready to dig. (The Miner Cabs were in the same bin as the regular 1998s at $65.99). For the money, there's a chance they won't be perfect, especially that 1994, but it will be an adventure to check them out. I'm hoping there will be a hidden gem or two in there.

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Anonymous said...

HAHA. I LOVE JJ. I bought about three bottles of wine yesterday but I must admit, I am cheap and won't spend much. The most expensive wine I ever purchased was $5.99. I wonder what an expensive wine actually tastes like?? Unless someone buys me a bottle I will never know I guess. :( I found your Blog by doing a search for Jungle Jiim's for some reason. LOL