Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ivy Tech's Culinary Expressions Cafe

Patronizing culinary program restaurants is a great way to encourage new chefs just finishing their culinary training. (If you ever have the chance to dine at one of the Culinary Institute of America resturants in Hyde Park, NY or Napa Valley, go!) With students cooking -- and usually serving -- it's a great way to support education and experience.

Here's your chance to help out right here in Indianapolis by dining with the student chefs of Thom England's excellent culinary program at Ivy Tech Community College -- the Culinary Expressions Cafe.

Here's how it works:

Starting September 21 and running every Thursday night for nine weeks, the restaurant -- on the fourth floor of the Meridian Street main campus building -- will featuring a variety of dishes from around the world. They change the menu to a new region every three weeks. (So that's at *least* three times that you have to go.) First round will be Asian, second is "New World" -- Australian, Mexican and South American, then "Old World" -- Spain, France and Italy. Service styles will also vary from buffet to tableside as the menu changes. Entrees range from $6-15.

Reservations are recommended
Call 921-4619
Cash Accepted
Gratuities appreciated and will be used to enhance the educational experiences of the class.

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