Friday, September 01, 2006

Newsflash: Gawker Makes Fun of Someone!

In this case, they chose the Indianapolis Star review of Restaurant Du Soliel for their most recent target. (They call it "Great Moments in Journalism." They don't know how true that is.) Ruth Holladay is shocked! Shocked that they make fun! And of us! With two bustling vocational culinary programs! My secret love for Thom England aside, we are indeed still Indianapolis, and the review was pretty stupid. I'm usually complaining when we receive unjustified ribbing, but in this case, it's totally fair. (I remember when this ran -- I just didn't have the heart to make fun because it was the Star. Food lite.)

The review is old and in the Star archives (buried in the slow-to-load Indy Star web site) but Gawker excerpts my favorite part:

The menu has many words in French, my undergraduate minor. But it's been a while, so I asked a waitress for a few interpretations. It's lucky I did. Otherwise I might have accidentally ordered goose liver pate as an appetizer.

Oh, no! The horror! "Look, honey, they have sweetbreads -- those must be dessert." Mwahahahaha. Maybe she'd have been so lucky as if she'd had the inedible "sushi" they pushed off on us as an appetizer the other night instead.

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