Monday, September 18, 2006

Three Latest and Best

It's been a long couple of weeks and a long string of sub-par meals (Restaurant du Soleil and Rick's Boathouse being the most recent worst offenders.) Note to self: Next time I suggest the Conrad for lunch, remind me how much that buffet cheeses me off. However, I have managed to have a few sublime moments:

Best Scalloped Potatoes Ever: After a long day on the lake, a cold beer and great outdoor BBQ food tastes fantastic. Last weekend, Avon Catering gave us the best grilled porkchops, fried chicken and scalloped potatoes *ever*. I may have a very small part of Hoosier in me after all. It's the part that likes fried bread and apple butter.

Purple Cow at Maccu Piccu: This Peruvian standby on west 38th Street has everything on the menu from fried yucca to Inca Gold Kola. You'll find beef, fish, ceviche, and more including fried rice (lots of Asians in Peru). My favorites? Tomatoes sauted in salt and lime, perfectly heavy flan, and a fruit-flavored spiced punch made from purple corn. (I mis-read the menu and it is now permanently "purple cow" to me.)

Sushi on the Rocks: While this new downtown restaurant in the old Lotus space is still working out some kinks, they're a welcome addition to south Meridian Street. The best bets? The maki (rolls) including our favorite -- the Shrimp Tempura Crunch Roll in soy paper. Don't forget the wasabi salad dressing for your greens.


Anonymous said...

I've eaten at Sushi on the Rocks several times, and on the last occasion I put it on my banned list for good.

IMHO, the primary ingredient in sushi is fish, not toppings, sauces, or 'tempura chips' (which are suspiciously similar to the leavings at the bottom of a Long John Silver's fry-o-lator). The rolls I had there at last visit were abhorrent - even after specifiying 'no mayo, no sauce!', a salmon and avacado roll was covered in goo. What's the point of sushi if you douse it with liquid fat and hot sauce?

Maybe folks from Indiana don't like their sushi to taste 'fishy' - but to me what they make there isn't sushi, it's just a waste of good fish.

braingirl said...

Dang-nabit, I *knew* I was going to get busted for putting Sushi on the Rocks on the list. So much for ith "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all." OK, here's what I really thought:

While I do kind of like rolls with all the goo, rolls with goo is the only option at SOTR because the regular nigiri sushi wasn't fresh. Plus, we had to send a roll back due to off-putting shrimp. (Most good sushi chefs would be embarassed at customer sending back dodgy fish, but in this case, the server came back with "he's afraid if he just remakes it, you won't like it." Um, honey, this isn't about me *liking* it. This is abouto the fish being off. Just sayin'.

The saba (mackeral)was almost inedible -- so fishy. (Most places in Indiana don't carry if for this very reason -- it has to be very fresh.)

Service was pretty apalling and I'm fairly certain the bartender had never tended bar before that night.

I did like the tempura crunchies through -- but then again, I like the leavings from the "fry-o-lator" at Long John Silvers, too.)

They were off my list by the time we'd been there an hour.

Anonymous said...

lol.. i neglected to mention the crummy service too. glad i'm not the only one.

why can't we get a decent sushi restaurant downtown?

braingirl said...

>Why can't we get a decent sushi restaurant downtown?

We have one -- it's called Oceanaire. So, oysters aren't technically sushi -- but I'll take fresh and good anyday over sub-par with Japanese rice.