Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Hollywood Bar and Filmworks Closes

In a sad note, the IBJ today reports Hollywood Bar and Filmworks on South Meridian downtown is calling it quits. If you never visited the funky and fun theater, you missed out. Contrary to popular opinion, it wasn't an art film house, and it showed great films in a pretty nice environment. And the best part? You could have dinner and a drink during the show. They had a pretty basic but still decent menu of burgers, sandwiches and pizza along with cocktails, beer, and yes, popcorn.

The owners have a Chicago location that's doing well and plan on expanding there. From today's IBJ Daily:

Hollywood Bar & Filmworks, a fixture on South Meridian Street for 15 years, showed its last movie Sunday night. The Indianapolis location lost money for the past four years, according to owner Ted Bulthaup. A successful Chicago location that opened in 2003 will remain open. Bulthaup plans to expand the chain in Chicago.


Brian D. said...


Just because I was busy with school and poor is no excuse to close it! I promised to go back as soon as I had money.

I loved that place.

I think another movie and bar type place is around 96th St somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I say 'good riddance'. Smoking, overpriced mediocre food, noisy servers - all the things I don't want when I'm trying to watch a movie.

A cool idea, but very bad implementation.