Monday, November 06, 2006

Need More Truffles: Reports from Italy

The email from Christine said they were speeding down the highway in Italy at that very moment leaving Torino on a food quest. "Need more truffles." And truffles they found. Check out the great reports from the Slow Food Salone du Gusto in Italy and their subsequent travels from My Plate or Yours.

The early sun is just touching the far shore of Lake Maggiore, lighting it up with a clear golden glow at odds with the chill breeze in the air. A cold front has blustered its way in over night, and though the sun is out it will be a leather jacket kind of day.

This last week has been amazing. Wish I’d been doing a better job of documenting, but it’s that old dilemma – live life or write about it? Usually I make way for both by carving the time out of sleep but I’ve been fighting a head cold this week and decided not to push it. I’m healthy now, but there’s a whole trip left to blog and we leave Italy tomorrow (Saturday.)

I believe they're on their way back now, but look for more good reports to come.

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