Thursday, November 09, 2006

Old News: the Best Taco Bell Story Ever

The scene? A Taco Bell in Marion, Indiana. The event? 10-15 masked men enter the restaurant. Their goal? No, not the cash register or even free tacos. They wanted to return six 40-gallon trash bags full of sauce packets -- about 25,000 packets. Had they illegally obtained the sauce packets? No, in a note they said it was "three-years worth" of sauce and they wanted to return it! Growing up in a small town can be boring and what a worthy stunt! Makes me wish we'd thought of it 20 years ago! (Old news -- this happened in August, but still a worthy mention.)

This is exactly the kind of calculated stunt that my high school friends would have pulled. Think about this -- 25,000 packets. And say, that every time you went to Taco Bell, you asked for extra sauce so maybe you scored five packets of sauce. Let's say 4 on average. That's 6250 visits. Say, there are 10 of you in on the stunt -- that's 625 visits per person. Over three years (that's 1095) days -- that's one visit every 1.7 days per person. That's a lot of Taco Bell. (This is what smart kids do growing up in a small town. Nice work!) And bonus -- video on YouTube of the "operation".

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