Friday, November 10, 2006

Three Latest and Best

Catering from Jazz Kitchen: I've yet to sit and eat a full meal lately, but if the catering under their latest management is any indication, when I do, I'll be in for a treat! Look for the brie sections in brown sugar caramel and the cajun shrimp with hot sauce. Actually, the brie will be gone. I will have eaten it all.

Lunch at PF Chang's: I like PF Chang's for their upscale environment and reliable Chinese-style food. However, their high turnover and chain formula often bug me. Why they think they can make it through a busy downtown lunch hour with only one bartender (when almost everyone eats at the bar) is beyond me. However, much was overshadowed by the perfectly yummy Crispy Honey Shrimp. Still better than a greasy Chinese buffet most days.

Banana Fritters at Viet Bistro: Fellow blogger Brian D. wanted to meet and made an excellent restaurant choice with Viet Bistro. But among the traditional spring rolls and excellent clay pot, dessert was the star of the show. Banana fritters with perfectly crispy batter topped with coconut, sesame and laying in a bed of perfect tapioca -- light and citrusy, not heavy and sweet. And it's always nice to put faces to names. Yum!

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